Are You Hiring The Right Employer?

Love what you do, just not who you work for?
Several years ago I was there too. I set out in search of a better employer.  I was not ready to work for myself. Instead, I developed a set of values to measure any potential employers against.
What I was looking for at the time was:
  • Clean and Modern Work Environment
  • Respectful and Positive Leadership
  • Demonstrated Ethics and Integrity
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Leading or Emerging Leader in their field.
  • Family First Values
This lead me to a company named Revolution Group. They spent a great deal of time meeting with me on values. In fact, I have since adapted their Company Values as my own too.
  • Positive Attitude — Optimistic and Drama-Free
  • Do the Right Thing — Honor and Ethics in Every Way
  • Extraordinary Relationships — Take Great Care of Each Customer and Each Other
  • Lifelong Learning — Constant Personal and Professional Growth
  • Work Hard – Have Fun — Be Productive and Be Happy
I love these simple and to the point rocks. If you are struggling with coming up with your own personal values or mission statement, I would suggest using these too, to get your creative juices flowing.
Then again, you could adapt them specifically. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery!
They could come in very handy when hiring your next employer!

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